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Phyllis Schlafly Collection - ERA Series

The extensive ERA Series is divided into nine sub series, Subject files, State Action files, International Women's Year, International Year of the Child, Law School Papers (LSP), Lawsuits, Oral History, ERA 1980s, and ERA Miscellaneous.

The Subject Series [31 boxes] contains extensive material about ERA filed alphabetically, such as, abortion, affirmative action, marriage, military, NOW, politicians, rescission, and women's studies.

The State Action Series [26 boxes] includes ERA action materials sorted by state.  The Illinois materials are extensive and include materials on the 3/5ths Rule.

The International Women's Year Series [5 boxes] includes materials of the 1976/1977 United Nations International Women's Year conferences, and the United Nations Decade of the Woman.

The International Year of the Child Series [1 box] contains materials regarding the United Nations International Year of the Child in 1979.

The Law School Papers (LSP) Series [4 boxes] contains research and text material of four law school papers written by Phyllis Schlafly for course credit at Washington University Law School.  Texts include Affirmative Federal Power under the Enforcement Clauses of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and the Proposed ERA, The Effect of ERA in State Constitutions, Women in the Military, and Title IX:  Education Amendments of 1972.

The Lawsuits Series [10 boxes] contains materials regarding the ERA extension/rescission lawsuit (Idaho v. Freeman, 1981), the IWY lawsuit, and the Missouri Boycott lawsuit.

The Oral History Series [1 box] contains oral ERA history by state leaders in the ERA battles.

The ERA 1980s Series [5 boxes] contains materials regarding various battles of the 1980s, including the reintroduction of ERA in Congress in 1983 and the state ERA battles in Maine in 1984 and Vermont in 1986.

The ERA Miscellaneous Series [14 boxes] contains a variety of ERA materials, especially the time extension of the ratification process.