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Phyllis Schlafly Collection

The Phyllis Schlafly collection spans her childhood in the 1920s to today. The collection reveals Phyllis Schlafly's interest in and impact on conservative and pro-family issues in the 20th century and beyond. Series in this collection, with the exception of Communism and Pre-1970, are closed to researchers. The ERA Series are closed to researchers.

The Phyllis Schlafly collection is comprised of sixteen series:  Books, Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, Communism, Congressional Campaign 1970, Congressional Investigations, Constitutional Convention (Con Con), Daughters of the American Revolution, ERA, General Information:  Pre-1970 Series, General Information:  Post-1970 Series, Illinois Federation of Republican Women (IFRW), National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), Personal Papers, Post-2000, Republican National Coalition for Life (RNC/Life), and Speech Notes.

The Books Series [17 boxes] contains materials regarding books authored and co-authored by Phyllis Schlafly.  Book titles include Strike from Space, Power of the Positive Woman, Safe Not Sorry, The Betrayers, Kissinger on the Couch, Mindszenty the Man, Child Abuse in the Classroom and Who Will Rock the Cradle?  Correspondence, publication information, advertisements, and research material are included.  Additional material is found in Phyllis Schlafly's Office Files Series.

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation Series [3 boxes] contains the Mindszenty Report (1958-1971), The Red Line report (1963-1972), seminar brochures, study group materials, and Phyllis Schlafly's relevant correspondence and speech materials.

The Communism Series [19 boxes] spans primarily the years 1950 through 1970s.  The collection contains letters from prominent figures in the U.S. government, including Joseph McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover, Ronald Reagan, Pat McCarran, Barry Goldwater and others. 

The Congressional Campaign 1970 Series [5 boxes] contains materials from Phyllis Schlafly's 1970 Illinois campaign for Congress.  Items include the candidate's handbook, extensive correspondence, mailing lists, endorsements, and news releases.

The Congressional Investigations Series [3 boxes] is a personal collection of investigations made by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Senate McCarthy committees, the Senate Jenner committee, and foundations.

The Constitutional Convention (Con Con) Series [10 boxes] contains materials from the Constitutional Convention battle, especially during the 1980s.  Mrs. Schlafly led the opposition to a Constitutional Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Series includes research material and correspondence from Schlafly's long time involvement with the DAR, especially her work as National Chairman of National Defense.  The published volumes of proceedings of the DAR and of the Illinois Organization DAR are available on request.

The extensive ERA Series is divided into nine sub series, Subject files, State Action files, International Women's Year, International Year of the Child, Law School Papers (LSP), Lawsuits, Oral History, ERA 1980s, and ERA Miscellaneous. Given the size of the collection, it is on a separate webpage. Click here or on the ERA Series link.

The General Information:  Post-1970 Series [83 boxes] consists of many subjects, filed alphabetically and is part of Eagle Forum's working files.

The General Information:  Pre-1970 Series [23 boxes] consists of many topics filed alphabetically and was Eagle Forum's working and reference files before 1970. 

The Illinois Federation of Republican Women (IFRW) Series [7 boxes] contains materials regarding Phyllis Schlafly's membership and presidency in the Illinois Federation of Republican Women from 1954-1967, including correspondence, speeches, and reports.

The National Federation of Republican Women Series (NFRW) [7 boxes] contains material regarding Phyllis Schlafly's participation in the NFRW in the 1960s.  Files contain correspondence from Republican Party leaders and conservative activists, and extensive material concerning Phyllis Schlafly's campaign for the presidency of NFRW in 1967.

The Post-2000 Series [2 boxes] consists of ongoing material about Phyllis Schlafly, donated to and collected by the archives.  

The Republican National Coalition for Life (RNC/Life) Series [13 boxes] contains materials of RNC/Life and the Republican Party Platform beginning in 1992. 

The Speech Notes Series [1 box] contains typed and handwritten material organized by date (1965-1976), and miscellaneous topics.  More recent speech notes are found in the Personal Papers Series.

The Personal Papers Series will be donated at a future date.  This material includes childhood and school diaries and scrapbooks; undergraduate and graduate papers and correspondence; correspondence with Fred Schlafly while courting; extensive correspondence and research materials regarding Mrs. Schlafly's involvement in the anti-communist movement; conservatism; and the Republican Party in the 1950s and early 1960s.